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      Bump it up - the precision edible - everything - just better

      Introducing the super clean precision edible. Use it alone as a fast-acting high or to bump up your favorite 1906 experience.

      Bump is a fast-acting easy to swallow pill containing 5 mg of THC. Now available in a discovery pouch size with 2 pills (10mg total) or tin with 20 pills (100mg total).

      Picture of a white bump pill with the following details: 20-min onset: the only patented clinically tested fast-acting technology. Convenient, discreet, swallowable pill. Just as good as flower, without the smoke. No calories, no sugar, no gluten, no allergens, 100% vegan.

      Bump tin and package. Available in 30mg drop options in select markets.

      Powered by: CANNABIS 5 MG THC PER DROP One of the most widely used plant medicines on earth.

      Bump has zero calories, zero sugar, and is gluten-free which makes it the healthiest way to consume cannabis.

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