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      Drops are in Illinois!

      Super-fast plant power in dispensaries near you. *Drops are swallowable, not chewable.

      for Energy

      Great for:

      • A little competitive edge in your next basketball game
      • Cleaning the house
      • Supercharging your long-distance run
      • Accompanying your morning smoothie
      • Busting through the wall of procrastination
      for BrainPower

      Great For:

      • A full day of zoom
      • Spreadsheet jujitsu
      • Gaming
      • Scrabble Showdowns
      • Replacing your daily coffee
      for Happiness

      Great For:

      • Happy Hour
      • Tuning out squabbling siblings
      • Giving yourself a gold star
      • Road trips
      • Permagrin
      for Arousal

      Great For:

      • Extra special date nights
      • Solo or partnered intimacy
      • Heart-opening exploration
      • Boosting arousal of all genders & ages
      for Relaxation

      Great For:

      • Checking out for a few
      • Post workout cool down
      • Replacing your 6pm cocktail
      • Soothing inflammation
      for Sleep

      Great For:

      • Sleeping in unfamiliar beds
      • Putting the day’s worries to bed
      • A good night’s sleep without depending on habit-forming prescriptions
      • Serious insomniacs
      • Anyone struggling with sleep

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