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      In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re offering 12 Days of Plant Medicine. Get to know some of the natural adaptogens and herbs that come together to create our incredible experiences.


      Found in Genius

      Over millions of years, this hardy yellow flower (Rhodiola rosea) has figured out how to survive the harsh conditions of high mountain slopes and arctic environments – characterized by sparse rainfall, low oxygen, and extreme cold – by evolving an incredible array of adaptations.

      Traditional healers knew it as the “golden root” and used it as a tonic to boost physical endurance, longevity, and productivity. In fact, Rhodiola was considered so powerful that Chinese emperors sent expeditions to Siberia in search of it, and healers in Russia and Scandinavia passed down secrets of its location and preparation from generation to generation.

      Rhodiola root contains more than 140 biologically active compounds, including phenolic acids, monoterpenes, triterpenes, and phenylpropanoids, which work together to help your body cope with stress and function at its best. And it works fast! Studies have shown that after just three days, Rhodiola can lead to significant improvements in overcoming stress, chronic burnout, and fatigue. Swedish researchers found that Rhodiola is effective at boosting concentration and combating stress and the root has been shown to enhance overall wellbeing and reduce anxiety. All the reasons we’ve included it in our newest formula, Genius.

      On the first day we gave you L-theanine.
      On the second day we gave you Damiana.
      On the third day we gave you Caffeine.
      On the fourth day we gave you Theobromine.
      On the fifth day we gave you Galangal.
      On the sixth day we gave you Muira Puama and Catuaba.
      On the seventh day we gave you Ashwagandha.

      What’s coming for day 10? Something that will leave you glowing from the inside out.

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