In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re offering 12 Days of Plant Medicine. Get to know some of the natural adaptogens and herbs that come together to create our incredible experiences.


Found in Love

A playful lovemaker with a bewitching psychoactive profile, Damiana is a hardy desert plant (Turnera diffusa) that produces small, aromatic flowers with an intense yellow hue. Native to the Americas, Damiana has long been employed in folk medicine, particularly among the Guaycura people of Baja, California, who prized it for kickstarting libido.

Damiana is the key ingredient in the Mexican liqueur of the same name (traditionally given at weddings) and was often included in patent medicines of the 19th century. This should come as no surprise – Damiana extract contains scores of active compounds, including at least 22 flavonoids and terpenoids. Scientists have confirmed its extraordinary ability to awaken sexual desire (one study is titled “Turnera diffusa Wild (Turneraceae) recovers sexual behavior in sexually exhausted males”!). In recent years, researchers have explored its potential to stimulate neuroprotection as well. It’s clear that we are only beginning to unlock Damiana’s many secrets, but we encourage you to try it for yourself.

On the first day we gave you L-theanine.

What’s coming for the third day? How about something that offers a much-needed energy boost?