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      In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re offering 12 Days of Plant Medicine. Get to know some of the natural adaptogens and herbs that come together to create our incredible experiences.


      Found in Midnight

      Meet the plant that mellows.

      Blossoming in the mountain grasslands of China, this delicate purple flower (Corydalis yanhusuo) yields a round yellow tuber that has been prized by traditional healers for more than 1,000 years for its remarkable ability to block pain and relieve anxiety. And no wonder: it’s a relative of the poppy.

      Corydalis bursts with potent alkaloids and psychoactive compounds. One key compound is the alkaloid tetrahydropalmatine (THP), first isolated by a Vietnamese scientist in 1940. Tetrahydropalmatine, which binds to dopamine receptors in the brain to block pain, is also being investigated as a way of treating drug addiction and nicotine dependence. The current surge of interest from researchers has further begun to explore the therapeutic potential of THP for breast cancerheart attack, liver damage, and stroke. In 2014, scientists confirmed that one of THP’s compounds, dehydrocorybulbine, exerted a profound influence on the dopamine system, blocking pain without inducing tolerance.

      We find it works wonders as one of the crucial medicines in our best-selling Midnight product. And the grateful users who write us weekly with thanks for giving them a good night’s sleep agree!

      On the first day we gave you L-theanine.
      On the second day we gave you Damiana.
      On the third day we gave you Caffeine.
      On the fourth day we gave you Theobromine.
      On the fifth day we gave you Galangal.
      On the sixth day we gave you Muira Puama and Catuaba.
      What’s on tap for the eighth day? Get ready to clear your mind.

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