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      1906 Wins Trio of Awards from LeafLink

      We've been recognized for our Brand Profiles and two products.

      1906 is thrilled to announce that we’ve won three awards from the LeafLink List, an annual celebration of amazing brands, retailers, and products from the LeafLink community that are shaping the future of cannabis.

      LeafLink includes over 2800 brands and more than 7300 retailers so it is a tremendous honor to receive even one award.

      Lauren Petersen, 1906 Director of Strategy and Innovation, says, “we are so grateful to LeafLink for recognizing the important and exciting work being done by our incredible and dedicated team to imagine, develop, and market products that help make people’s lives better.”

      1906 earned top honors in Best Brand Profiles, Top-Selling Ingestibles, and Fastest-Growing Ingestibles (Chill Drops for relaxation). 

      The Best Brand Profile award, hand-selected by the LeafLink design committee, recognized the top brand menus on LeafLink.

      As the 1906 winner story for LeafLink reads, “We started 1906 because we believe cannabis is the greatest medicine on earth. Our goal is to make cannabis a trusted, normal part of daily wellness with products that are easy to understand and easy to fit into your life and offer the most healthful format of cannabis available.

      “1906 is named for the last time cannabis was widely accepted as a beneficial medicine. The Wiley Act was passed the following year, beginning nearly a century of misguided cannabis prohibition with devastating consequences. We say it’s high time to make cannabis accessible and understandable for all—for the greater good (and the greater fun).”

      Find 1906 in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma. Coming soon to Arizona! 

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