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      A Love Manifesto From 1906

      For too long Valentine’s Day has been about someone else’s satisfaction.

      It’s been a holiday devoted to us being told we need someone else in our lives to validate our desires, our worth, and our happiness. A holiday drowned in chocolate, teddy bears, and wilting flowers.

      Not this pleasure season.

      This February, let love come easy, and let go of the fixation on one particular day. Give the enduring gift of sensational self-satisfaction with 1906 LOVE. It’s a time for love in all its succulence: self-love, partner-love, group-love. Whether you’re tickled, flicked, or fondled, you know just what the doctor ordered—and LOVE serves it hot.

      It’s not prix-fixe, melting wax, or a dozen roses. It’s delight in its purest form—for the self-adventurous, the monogamous swans, and the polyamorous alike.

      1906 LOVE delivers a natural aphrodisiac that tickles your kinks and licks away your inhibition — and, in 1906 fashion, undresses tradition as we know it.

      Because no matter what pleasure means to you, LOVE will provide.

      Yours always,

      xx 1906

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