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      Microdosing 101

      Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare? The moral of the story is: Slow and steady wins the race. 

      That’s the theory behind microdosing, a practice about as trendy as sourdough starter the past few years. More typically associated with psychedelic drugs, such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, the practice of microdosing has now gained traction within the cannabis community. 

      Microdosing has earned so much attention, in fact, it has its own day; May 27 marks the second-ever National Microdosing Day. The Microdosing Institute created the celebration to promote research into the practice, foster communication to end stigma, and encourage users to share how microdosing experiences impacted their lives.

      Like cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms have been used, tried, and tested for thousands of years in Indigenous communities. More recently, psychedelics’ potential for helping people thrive has become more accepted in modern society. Oregon is so far the only U.S. state to legalize psychedelic mushrooms though they have been decriminalized in several major cities including Detroit, Denver, Oakland, and Washington DC. 

      As cannabis becomes legalized in more and more states, consumers of all stripes are exploring its myriad abilities to help them to feel and live better. Many new-to-the-plant consumers experiment with low doses to find desired wellness benefits without a trippy, non-functional high.

      With microdosing you can find the sweet spot between reaping the incredible benefits of nature’s wonder drugs and supporting daily productivity. Done right, microdosing cannabis may make your work and play better – to say nothing of your sleep and sex. 

      Here’s How it Works

      Microdosing means you take a tiny amount of a substance on a regular basis to achieve mild and sustained effects. Its many proponents, who include Gwyneth Paltrow and Joe Rogan, say the practice can boost creativity and diminish depression and anxiety. 

      New users can start off with doses of 2.5MG THC (as in 1906 Genius Drops; most 1906 products are 5MG THC so if you prefer trying a different experience, we suggest cutting the products in half to start).

      The effects should enhance work or life performance. You’re looking for a functional high, a sustained feeling of calm relaxation, a positive mood, as well as creative inspiration. 

      Adam Winstock, the founder and director of the Global Drug Survey and an honorary clinical professor at the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care, University College London, said, “In the past people were using microdosing for performance enhancement and creativity. Now, I think people are shifting towards using microdosing to enhance wellbeing and to address mental health distress.”

      As the practice of microdosing psychedelic drugs grows, especially among the creative class who report benefits in supporting creativity and focus, both cannabis and psychedelic drug developers are studying how to best derive medical value without unwanted psychoactivity. 

      How to Start Microdosing Cannabis

      One of the great things about microdosing with legal edibles, such as 1906 Drops, is the precisely calibrated dosages. In other words, you know exactly how much THC you’ll get. That doesn’t mean one Drop fits all. Because each human body is unique, it may take experimenting in order to find the dosage amount that works best for you. 

      Experts suggest tracking your dosing regimen for a few days and note how much cannabis you’re consuming along with its effects. Increase your dosage gradually until you hit your target effect. 

      1906, the number one fast-acting brand in the United States, makes it easy to take control over your dosage and your experience. Our customers feel the benefits of each distinct 1906 formulation in under 20 minutes, so they are in charge of how they reach their desired, specific effect. 

      If you need more advice, your friendly neighborhood budtender is likely well-informed about how to start and maintain microdosing in a way that works best for you. If you live in a state where 1906 is sold (Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Massachusetts,  Illinois, Ohio or Michigan), discover your store here.  Or text our team at 855-707-2196 for advice on finding an informed budtender in your area.

      Elderly Americans Are Exploring Cannabis

      One of the tragedies of a century of misguided and harmful cannabis prohibition is stigma. This powerful prejudice has discouraged too many people from seeking safe, accessible plant medicine that could radically improve their quality of life. That’s why 1906 has made it our mission to change that paradigm. We’re grateful for the wave of cannabis legalization that has spread across the country. 

      Widespread knowledge and distribution has led to an expansion of cannabis use across age groups as more and more people, including health care professionals, learn about the benefits of this natural wonder drug. 

      This includes the elderly. A recent survey of nearly 15,000 seniors found that cannabis use among people over 65 jumped 75 percent from 2015 to 2018, from 2.4 percent of that group to 4.2 percent. In 2006, it was just 0.4 percent.

      By 2019, use had reached 5 percent.

      Cannabis consumption is rising, especially among women and those reporting higher education and income. 

      Studies are ongoing about how the stress and isolation of the pandemic impacted use among older people, but surveys have shown widespread increases in anxiety and depression. These are conditions cannabis can address. Leaf411, a nonprofit, nurse-staffed cannabis information helpline reported a 50 percent jump in calls last year, with most questions coming from older adults.

      Researchers expect geriatric use to keep expanding. Dr. Benjamin H. Han, the lead author of the recent analysis, said, “I would expect it to continue to increase sharply.” 

      Another study, this one in the Annals of Internal Medicine, reported a similar trend. From 2016 to 2018, the proportion of men ages 65 to 69 who reported using cannabis or hashish within the past month, climbed to 8.2 percent from 4.3 percent. Among women, it grew to 3.8 percent from 2.1 percent.

      “It’s rare to see that much change in a three-year period,” said William Jesdale, an epidemiologist at the University of Massachusetts. “It shocked us.”

      But it makes sense. Even before the pandemic, older adults tended to suffer from the conditions that cannabis is most clearly helpful with – chronic pain, insomnia and other sleep disorders, as well as sexual health challenges. And several studies – such as those here, here, here, and here – have found that medical cannabis use by seniors is relatively safe and effective at addressing pain and improving overall wellness.

      With cannabis now legal for a majority of Americans for medical and/or recreational purposes, researchers have stepped up their investigations to learn more about how cannabis may help to treat a variety of long-term health conditions and symptoms common among older adults. 

      In response to these recent findings, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said, “it is not surprising that a rising percentage of seniors consider cannabis to be a viable therapeutic option in their later years. Many seniors struggle with pain, anxiety, restless sleep and other conditions for which cannabis products may help mitigate. Moreover, many seniors are well aware of the litany of serious adverse side-effects associated with available prescription drugs, like opioids or sleep aids, and they perceive medical cannabis to be a practical and potentially safer alternative.”

      Another study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, focused on a southern California geriatric clinic. It found that 15 percent of seniors reported consuming cannabis products within the past three years, primarily for therapeutic purposes. Over half of those who had tried cannabis reported using the products either daily or weekly. And the vast majority – 78 percent – called their use medical, primarily to soothe pain, aid sleep or reduce anxiety. 

      Most of them said they had only begun using the cannabis products as senior adults. But, unfortunately, less than half of these elderly consumers reported having spoken to their health care provider about cannabis use.

      We join the growing movement urging, as legalization becomes the norm, patients and health care providers to grow more comfortable with discussing the possibilities of cannabis as medicine.

      Dr. Peter Grinspoon, a Harvard-trained and -employed primary doctor and medical cannabis consultant, wrote in a post in 2020 that he’s seeing older patients being more open to discussing cannabis. He thinks a reduction in stigma has played a major role, pointing to a recent statement by the 38 million-member AARP, supporting the medical use of cannabis for seniors in states where it is legal. 

      Grinspoon’s post lays out a helpful Q&A for seniors considering cannabis use. Questions persist about the impacts of the cannabis high on older adults, especially those at risk for confusion and dementia. He suggests patients, in consultation with their medical teams, proceed cautiously, while pointing out that “interestingly, there is some research that cognitive functioning can actually improve when patients use medical cannabis, due to, among other things, improved sleep and pain control.” A 2017 study indicated that cannabis may in fact boost the eldery brain. But, as Dr. Grinspoon points out, “as with most things cannabis-related, this too needs further study to confirm and clarify.”

      That research can’t come soon enough. For now, at 1906, we encourage all new cannabis users to start low and go slow. 

      The 1906 fleet of precision edibles, with their consistent, reliable and moderate doses of THC, combined with targeted doses of CBD and other plant medicines, make that approach simple and straightforward. Furthermore, 1906 products feature the fastest-in-the-industry onset time, meaning consumers will feel the effects within 20 minutes. This alleviates a common concern that users won’t feel the impact and inadvertently take too much. 

      You can find 1906 products in licensed, legal dispensaries in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts and Oklahoma, and we’re coming soon to Michigan and Ohio. If you have questions about product use for seniors – or for anyone – email us or shoot us a text at 855-707-2192. We’re happy to help!


      A Love Manifesto From 1906

      For too long Valentine’s Day has been about someone else’s satisfaction.

      It’s been a holiday devoted to us being told we need someone else in our lives to validate our desires, our worth, and our happiness. A holiday drowned in chocolate, teddy bears, and wilting flowers.

      Not this pleasure season.

      This February, let love come easy, and let go of the fixation on one particular day. Give the enduring gift of sensational self-satisfaction with 1906 LOVE. It’s a time for love in all its succulence: self-love, partner-love, group-love. Whether you’re tickled, flicked, or fondled, you know just what the doctor ordered—and LOVE serves it hot.

      It’s not prix-fixe, melting wax, or a dozen roses. It’s delight in its purest form—for the self-adventurous, the monogamous swans, and the polyamorous alike.

      1906 LOVE delivers a natural aphrodisiac that tickles your kinks and licks away your inhibition — and, in 1906 fashion, undresses tradition as we know it.

      Because no matter what pleasure means to you, LOVE will provide.

      Yours always,

      xx 1906

      Five 1906 Experiences, Five AZ Things To Do

      A Southwest paradise of diverse histories, happenings, and people, Arizona is filled with vibrant cities and a wellspring of spectacularly unique landscapes. Huge-hearted humans, too. We’re excited to launch 1906 Drops in such a warm and welcoming place, and to bring supremely effective, reliable, and safe plant medicine that elevates Arizona experiences — from chimichangas to Eegee’s — to new highs.

      Arizona x GO

      Grand Canyon Greenway Trail

      Pep your steps on the Grand Canyon Greenway Trail with Go, formulated to kick-start and to keep the motor running with none of the jitters. Pop a Drop and bring your best friend — dogs are welcome on the Greenway.

      Arizona x GENIUS

      Phoenix Art Museum

      Immerse yourself at @phxart and wax poetic with lucidity and cognitive calm via Genius, the first cannabis edible developed specifically to enhance focus. What better way to embody the art of looking at art?

      Arizona x BLISS

      Afternoon at Desert Botanical Garden

      Desert botanicals, rare cacti, and 100% total euphoria. Take Bliss and visit @dbhphx to experience earth’s finest marvels through bliss-tinted glasses.

      Arizona x LOVE

      A night at Arcosanti

      Arcosanti is a legendary utopia and the world’s first arcology prototype — aka, architecture that’s the antithesis of urban sprawl. It’s a wonder to behold, made even more spectacular at night with Love, which heightens all your senses in the best ways possible.

      Arizona x CHILL (Coming to AZ in 2022)

      Sunset at Saguaro National Park

      The Saguaro Desert’s got the best sunsets in the whole history of such things. It’s named after the giant saguaro, a rare and animated cactus who makes its protected home there. See both with Chill, guaranteed to amplify the magic in the sky.

      How to Have Yourself the Happiest Holidays

      It’s the gifting time of year, when we’re all making lists and checking them twice, trying to find the perfect something for each special someone. But do you know what 99.9% of humans actually want? They want to feel great. And cannabis is amazing at doing just that — making people feel wonderful. Add in some carefully chosen, targeted plant medicines and you’ve got a surefire way to deliver a happy holiday to everyone on your list.

      Whatever and however you choose to celebrate, recharge, and reflect as we move into 2022, 1906 can help make all your life stuff better.

      Some fantastic 1906 staffers shared suggestions on who they’re gifting 1906 to. And here’s a tip for procrastinators…the 12 Days of Christmas last until January 5. 

      Gina Gault, Field Marketing and Community Outreach: I’m gifting Bliss to my nanny this year so she can enjoy all the additional time with our littles in the best mindset and vibe possible! 

      Cristin Furman, Field and Sales Operating Manager: I’m giving Chill and Bliss to my entire family because we all deserve to relax during this time of year – plus it’s finally going to be back in stock in Illinois!

      Gabriella Paz: Manufacturing and Development Scientist: I’m gifting Chill to my mom, aunt, and mawmaw because sometimes they just need a chill pill!

      Rich Magana, Field Marketing and Community Outreach: I’m gifting Love to my partner because love is always the best present!

      Becky Stojeba, Sales: I’m gifting Love to my grandma, she didn’t work in the lingerie dept at JCPenney 30 years for nothin’. 

      Chelsea Place, Marketing: I’m gifting Go Drops to my brother-in-law because he’s obsessed. And because he loves bike rides.

      Happy New Year!

      Great to Meet You, Arizona!

      In 2017, 1906 launched with a clear mission: to restore cannabis as widespread, accessible, life-changing medicine. In fact, we’re named for the last year in America that cannabis was widely accepted as a beneficial medicine. The Wiley Act was enacted the following year, beginning nearly a century of misguided and devastating cannabis prohibition. From our beginning, we’ve aimed to share the promise, power, and possibility of our plant-powered tool kit for true health and wellness with as many people as possible, and to right those long-standing wrongs.

      And now, after taking our products from Colorado to Oklahoma, Illinois, and Massachusetts, the 1906 toolkit for living is now available in Arizona!

      The Grand Canyon state may have been the 48th state to join the union, and the 12th to legalize adult use cannabis, but it’s embraced the business faster than any other state. 

      In November 2020, the Smart and Safe Act (Proposition 207) was approved by over 60 percent of Arizona voters, and sales of adult use products began just over two months later, on January 15, 2021, marking the fastest transition from voter approval to retail implementation of any state. Medical marijuana has been legally sold in Arizona since 2012, regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and that successful, popular program helped to pave the way for this remarkably successful transition.

      The cannabis industry is now expected to bring Arizona $1.5 billion in tax revenue for 2021, according to figures from the State Department of Revenue, which don’t include money saved by law enforcement and the justice system by not using resources to prosecute cannabis users.

      “The economic impact of the cannabis industry is substantial. Beyond employing nearly 25,000 Arizonans and the overall economic impact of the industry, the tax revenue from cannabis sales will support an improved quality of life for all Arizonans,” said Sam Richard, Arizona Dispensaries Association Executive Director.

      Medical patient registration continues to grow as well. According to the Arizona Department of Public Health, as of November 1, nearly 3o0,000 state residents hold medical cards.

      1906 is excited to join Arizona’s fast-growing cannabis community, one that’s been a national leader in investigating medicinal use and in helping citizens address a range of health and lifestyle concerns through functional cannabis consumption. 

      We are especially looking forward to working with the many local dispensaries committed to offering robust education to new consumers and discounts to certain communities, including veterans and seniors, who may particularly benefit from cannabis’ unique properties for natural healing. While adult use purchasers are not tracked for demographic data, studies indicate that cannabis use by seniors has risen over the past several years. 

      ​​The impacts of the stress and isolation of the pandemic are still being catalogued, but it’s clear that older people have suffered a profound impact. Leaf411, a nonprofit, nurse-staffed information hotline, received 50 percent more calls in 2020 over 2019, most, they report, from older adults.

      Powered by plants, carefully sourced herbs and adaptogens tested by generations of natural medicine practitioners, 1906 Drops are designed to deliver targeted experiences. These swallowable tablets, free of calories, gluten, and allergens, address specific life needs: Chill to soothe anxiety; Bliss to improve mood; Genius for enhanced focus; Go to boost energy; and Love to raise libido).

      1906 Drops are convenient, discreet, and perfect for enjoying all of Arizona’s natural and man-made wonders; they have the speediest onset of any edibles anywhere – 20 minutes or less – and use low doses of THC, paired with CBD, so the user is in full control of their desired effect.

      Equal Justice for All

      At 1906, we know that operating a cannabis business is a privilege, and we are keenly aware of the injustice of those who are permitted to run legal businesses and those who are penalized for possessing or distributing cannabis. We want to help make cannabis accessible to all – those who wish to work within the industry and those who wish to consume cannabis without hassle, stigma, or repercussion.

      We have partnered and continue to work with a range of organizations, including the Cannabis Trade Federation Task Force for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Cannabis Voter Project, which advocate to increase opportunity in the cannabis marketplace for underserved populations. Furthermore, we applaud efforts to expunge previous criminal convictions for cannabis offenses. Learn more about our commitment to social justice on our website.

      As part of the passage of Arizona’s Prop. 207, people who have been previously convicted of possessing up to 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana, six plants, or marijuana paraphernalia are eligible to have their convictions expunged. Since filing started in July, the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County has granted over 3,500 petitions, with an average of 650 people a week filing to have felony marijuana-related convictions wiped off their records. To assist petitioners, the Superior Court in Maricopa County’s Law Library Resource Center, one of many organizations throughout Arizona helping with the expungement process, has posted all the necessary forms and information online.

      Prop. 207, the Smart and Safe Act, also requires that Arizona “promote the ownership and operation of marijuana establishments and marijuana testing facilities by individuals from communities disproportionately impacted by the enforcement of previous marijuana laws.”

      As part of this mandate, 26 adult-use Marijuana Establishment licenses will be issued to applicants who qualify under a social equity ownership program.

      While this program by no means will make up for 100+ years of profoundly tragic effects of criminalization, it does attempt to broaden access to the legal cannabis marketplace.

      And it’s a marketplace that’s primed for expansion. Across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic proved that cannabis is necessary medicine for millions of patients and consumers around the country. In 2020, legal cannabis sales in America jumped a whopping 46 percent from 2019 to a record $17.5 billion, according to cannabinoid market research firm BDSA.

      When so much was shuttered, governor after governor deemed dispensaries essential businesses. As life begins to get back to the new normal, 1906 is excited to offer the people of Arizona innovative options for making the ancient medicine of cannabis part of modern life. 

      Find 1906 in Arizona at our Store Locator.

      1906 Wins Trio of Awards from LeafLink

      1906 is thrilled to announce that we’ve won three awards from the LeafLink List, an annual celebration of amazing brands, retailers, and products from the LeafLink community that are shaping the future of cannabis.

      LeafLink includes over 2800 brands and more than 7300 retailers so it is a tremendous honor to receive even one award.

      Lauren Petersen, 1906 Director of Strategy and Innovation, says, “we are so grateful to LeafLink for recognizing the important and exciting work being done by our incredible and dedicated team to imagine, develop, and market products that help make people’s lives better.”

      1906 earned top honors in Best Brand Profiles, Top-Selling Ingestibles, and Fastest-Growing Ingestibles (Chill Drops for relaxation). 

      The Best Brand Profile award, hand-selected by the LeafLink design committee, recognized the top brand menus on LeafLink.

      As the 1906 winner story for LeafLink reads, “We started 1906 because we believe cannabis is the greatest medicine on earth. Our goal is to make cannabis a trusted, normal part of daily wellness with products that are easy to understand and easy to fit into your life and offer the most healthful format of cannabis available.

      “1906 is named for the last time cannabis was widely accepted as a beneficial medicine. The Wiley Act was passed the following year, beginning nearly a century of misguided cannabis prohibition with devastating consequences. We say it’s high time to make cannabis accessible and understandable for all—for the greater good (and the greater fun).”

      Find 1906 in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma. Coming soon to Arizona! 

      1906 Recognizes Veterans

      There are 17.4 million veterans in the United States, or about one in 20 citizens, according to the most recent statistics from the US Census.

      On Veterans Day, 1906 recognizes their service.

      As a rapidly growing company, 1906 has made a commitment to hire veterans when possible, like the newest member of the management team, Director of Operations Juan Esquival. 

      Veterans may not have the exact experience requested in a job description, but we recognize that military service develops characteristics including leadership, initiative, self-discipline, teamwork, and dedication, which make transitioning service members exceptional civilian employees.

      Veterans can benefit from cannabis in other ways as well. A recent article, published in the Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology, reviewed four cohort studies, four randomized clinical trials, one case report, and one case series, all from the last 10 years. 

      Overall, this comprehensive research concluded that “cannabinoids were shown to improve overall PTSD symptoms, including sleep quality and quantity, hyperarousal, and treatment-resistant nightmares.”

      We support the ongoing and diverse efforts to remove all barriers (price, policy, legality, and stigma) for veterans interested in cannabis as an alternative to addictive and dangerous opioids and other pharmaceuticals.

      Despite the clear need for more research into the potential benefits of cannabis for veterans, and widespread bipartisan support, several bills that would promote veterans’ access to medical marijuana have languished in Congress.

      “The very populations who have the greatest need are often the ones who are the most understudied,” Staci Gruber, director of the Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery program at McLean Hospital and an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, told Politico in response to the Veterans Administration’s continued resistance to cannabis research.

      Five years ago, the American Legion, the nation’s largest veterans organization, urged Congress to remove marijuana from its list of prohibited drugs, and asked the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to permit a range of medical cannabis producers to take part in “safe and efficient cannabis drug research development.” According to a 2017 American Legion survey, more than 90 percent of veteran households supported such research. 

      Officials from the National Institute on Drug Abuse have testified to Congress that there is “substantial evidence” that cannabis is effective at treating chronic pain, and join advocates in asking Congress to support additional research.

      For veterans receiving VA health care, cannabis use continues to be stigmatized, which prevents vets from getting the best quality care. While veterans can theoretically talk to their VA doctor about their cannabis, many avoid mentioning cannabis use because it is still illegal at the federal level. Moreover, VA doctors cannot prescribe cannabis or issue medical marijuana cards in any of the 36 states that have legalized medical marijuana, preventing vets from receiving medicinal marijuana at a lower cost.


      While many dispensaries offer discounts to veterans on a regular basis, for the November 11 holiday, we want to highlight some of our retail partners that have made special prices available in recognition of veterans service. 


      The Herbal Care Center
      Lucy Sky Cannabis
      Oasis Superstore

      Rocky Mountain Cannabis
      Silver Stem Cannabis
      Terrapin Care Station


      Beyond Hello
      Columbia Care
      Nature’s Care
      Nu Era
      Windy City


      Alternative Compassion Services
      The Heirloom Collective
      SIRA Naturals


      Bud Brother’s
      Mango Cannabis
      The Peak
      Seed Cannabis


      You may be surprised to learn that sex and chess have quite a bit in common. They’re both easy to learn, hard to master, and really, really fun to practice. 

      That’s perhaps one of the reasons that the 1500-year-old board game has experienced such a massive resurgence the past few years, leaving other pandemic hobbies like bread-baking and gardening in the dirt. 

      The website of the world’s largest online chess community,, reported 11.1 million new users from March 2020 to March 2021. A recent episode of the Netflix documentary series “Explained” delved into the explosive growth of chess, narrated by devoted chess fan and actor Rainn Wilson.

      Chess has been around for centuries, but it’s freshly trending popularity has been fueled by a multi-pronged strategy, requiring several pieces to fall into place – not unlike the alluring “Queen’s Gambit,” the novel-turned-Netflix series, which was released October 23, 2020, but still ended up the network’s third most-watched series of the year, beating out “Tiger King.”

      It’s no secret that playing and, crucially, watching online games of all sorts has taken off over the past few years. Chess has been a player in that world since the beginning, with signing a deal with the interactive, live streaming service Twitch in 2017. But chess claiming its spot as a king of the streaming, esporting world didn’t really start until after March 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown drove citizens across the world indoors – and online. 

      This created a perfect opening. Pre-internet, if a person wanted to get better at chess, they could play against friends, join a club and read books about strategy. The rules of chess are simple; it’s the endless possibilities that make the game so endlessly varied and fascinating. The more you play, the more you learn how to play.

      The advent of ever-present online and mobile chess platforms has meant that players of all levels find a match any time, anywhere, and they have countless hours and games to watch at their fingertips so they can study the elite grandmasters at work.

      For many of them, chess has become real work, in the sense that the many top players and streamers are now able to earn real money from their success. The growth of chess as an esport has meant that players can earn a living from online play and endorsements. Over the last couple of years, companies as varied as McDonalds, G-Fuel and Hennessy cognac have signed popular players to lucrative contracts.

      The Play Magnus Group, which was founded by reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen with the aim of expanding the chess community online, raised $30 million when it went public in October 2020; six months later, its value had surged to $152 million.

      Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura became a key player in the new chess community when he served as chess coach for a day for Twitch streaming star xQc (aka Felix Lengyel). 

      Two months later, they both appeared at PogChamps, a transformational amatuer online chess tournament that was so successful it led to three subsequent PogChamps events in the following 18 months. Over the four events, pros like Nakamura offered coaching and commentary to a pool of players that included Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and celebrity chess fans Rainn Wilson and Logic the rapper. For a period, a video from Pogchamps was the top viewed content on Twitch – beating out more predictable winners like Fortnite.

      The appetite for chess is expected to increase right around Thanksgiving when the Norwegian Carlsen will battle his Russian challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi in Dubai at a several days-long tournament beginning Friday, November 26. As even more evidence of chess’s new fanbase, key moments will be broadcast nightly on NBC. At stake is a $2.7 million purse, as well as the title of the best in the world.

      The Cannabis Connection

      So what does this have to do with cannabis and Genius? There’s a host of Reddit boards that speak to the crossover appeal of bringing cannabis’s relaxation to the tense atmosphere of the chess table. 

      In fact, though it scandalized some old school members of the chess community, both Carlsen and Nakamura have played and won with what’s called the “Bongcloud opening,” an unconventional start to a game in which the player purposefully weakens their king at the start. The two champions famously used this opening against each other in a highly viewed online match that ended in a draw.

      But while most serious players wouldn’t compete while wasted, a thoughtful combination of single-strain of cannabis sativa, known to aid in mental sharpness, and additional plant medicines can work together to address cognitive focus, memory enhancement, and concentration. 1906 Genius Drops are discrete, swallowable tablets that contain the optimal formula of natural wonders including: Rhodiola to optimize brain function and reduce stress; Bacopa, an Ayurvedic herb to help improve memory and cognition and caffeine, L-theanine, Theobromine, and Galangal for sustained energy and lucid thinking.

      These are all perfect brain enhancers to lead to the state of sustained calm, hyper-focus, and lightning-fast brain power needed to choose when to castle or whether or not to send your knight or your queen out to battle.

      Genius contains the lowest dose of THC (2.5 mg) of all 1906 products. And with its rapid onset of 20 minutes or less, you’ll be ready to take on chess’s complex cognitive challenges in about the time it takes to set up a board. Unlike some other caffeine-powered substances, Genius will not make users agitated, “speedy,” or jittery, and it has no unpleasant hangover effects.

      We’ve heard from so many Genius fans who tell us these sunny yellow Drops help them bust through procrastination, bring a higher focus to complicated projects, and find the perfect level of energy to best use all their gray matter.

      Genius may be exactly what you need to choose whether to play the Italian game, the Berlin Wall, the ​​Hedgehog variation of the English, or the Slav defense. We’re confident whichever chess opening you pick, with the addition of Genius, you’ll certainly have more fun doing it.

      Find Genius in select dispensaries in Colorado, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Oklahoma. 

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