Busting the Myths about Edibles

We’ve all heard the horror stories. A cousin tried a couple weed gummies at a wedding reception, and spent most of the night curled up in a corner of the ballroom mumbling about rice. A co-worker ate three brownies at a hump day happy hour— and they peaked during the Thursday morning budget meeting.

Yet despite the harrowing stories, edibles are one of the fastest-growing categories of the cannabis industry, and millions of people can’t be having totally whacked-out experiences. In fact, in the early days of the pandemic, legal edible purchases surged by nearly 30 percent, blowing past smokables, as consumers faced with a devastating respiratory virus recognized that maybe smoking anything isn’t the wisest option.

For sure, edibles have had a wild history in the United States. They fully entered popular culture with a recipe for a cannabis-laced confection included in the early 1960’s edition of The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. Many other old-school edible users got turned on to them by the 1968 film, I Love You Alice B. Toklas (bonus recommendation for a quarantine movie night!), in which the strait-laced Peter Sellers loosens up (to put it mildly) after encountering an edible-bearing hippie.

As the cannabis legalization movement has swept across the country over the last few years in a state-by-state fashion, regulations and industry standards have been somewhat haphazard. But done right, edibles can be one of the most health-conscious and discreet formats available for consumers.

Let’s take a look at some common myths about edibles.

MYTH: There’s no way to regulate dosage, so you can’t know what to expect.

BUSTED: Current cannabis technology enables accurate dosing, and regulations require rigorous tests for consistency of potency. (Though all products are certainly not created equal in their attention to consistent dosing!)

The most reliable edible products have the THC content clearly marked on the packaging in milligrams. We suggest starting with no more than 5 mg THC. Some 1906 products even come in doses as low as 1 or 2.5 mg of THC so users can be confident they can try them without fear of feeling too high.

MYTH: Take an edible, plan to be tripping your face off.

BUSTED: Edibles can make your day better – no matter what you’re planning to get done...taking the dog for a run, finishing up your taxes (finally!), meeting buddies for a picnic in a park.

Moderately dosed edibles, such as 1906 Drops, can function as an enlightened form of self-care, helping you to calm anxiety, lift your spirits, sleep better, find focus and energy, and generally reconnect with your body. You can feel like you, but better.

MYTH: You can’t predict when the effects will kick in.

BUSTED: This is true with most edibles – modern edibles typically take effect anywhere between one to two hours. However, 1906 is an exception. It’s an edible you could set your watch to!

1906 uses a patented lipid microencapsulation technique that enables the fastest onset time in the world – less than 20 minutes.

This process also results in more accurate doses with consistent and predictable effects.

MYTH: It’s easy to “overdose” on edibles.

BUSTED: Despite the fearmongering, it’s really not possible to medically “overdose” on edibles – or cannabis period. It is possible to ingest an uncomfortable amount of THC unintentionally. This almost always happens because of slow onset time. You take an edible, decide you're not feeling anything, and then you take another. Two hours later, you are miserably high because you've double-dosed. The key is predictable products, with reliable and quick onset time, and patience. Unless you're consuming 1906, you may not feel the full effect until the two hour mark. (So take the guesswork out, and try 1906 products with their 20 minutes or less onset time!)

MYTH: Edibles don’t work as well as smokable cannabis.

BUSTED: Not true! That same micro-encapsulation process means the plant medicine is released into your body in a controlled fashion. On the other hand, it’s nearly impossible to consistently dose a smokable product. Edibles offer more reliable and accurates doses of cannabis in a form that’s a healthy alternative to smoking – why put your lungs at risk if you don’t have to?

MYTH: All edibles will make you feel basically the same way.

BUSTED: Your experience depends on a whole host of factors beyond the dose, including the specific strain and quality of the cannabis.

A lot of brands use random combinations of different strains of cannabis that change from batch to batch. This makes it difficult to produce consistent effects. At 1906, we use single strains for each formulation so that our experiences are steady, clean, and consistent. And we never ever allow pesticides near our cannabis. Everything we use is triple screened for chemicals, contaminants, and nefarious microbes. We also triple test for potency to make sure our dosages are extremely accurate.

MYTH: You can’t get specific effects from edibles.

BUSTED: 1906 uses FDA-approved plant medicines to create highly specific (get it?) formulations that help you do all the life stuff better. The secret is plant power: super-effective adaptogens and herbs in thoughtful formulations for specific, targeted results. We’ve got Genius for brainpower, Chill for relaxation, Go for energy, Bliss for happiness, Love for arousal and Midnight for sleep.

MYTH: The more CBD the better.

BUSTED: You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD and THC, and which one is better, and which one will help your migraines, and which one will give you the giggles. Realize that nature intended CBD and THC to work in tandem. Scientific research, long stymied by the federal government’s tragic and misguided War on Drugs, is just recently ramping up, but it’s clear that CBC and THC are a power duo.

At 1906, each experiences is carefully considered and contains an optimal ratio of CBD to THC (either 1:1 or 5:1 for our relaxing formula) to give you premium effects and ultimate predictability. Because now, more than ever, who doesn’t want a fantastic experience they can count on?

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