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      Five 1906 Experiences, Five AZ Things To Do

      A Southwest paradise of diverse histories, happenings, and people, Arizona is filled with vibrant cities and a wellspring of spectacularly unique landscapes. Huge-hearted humans, too. We’re excited to launch 1906 Drops in such a warm and welcoming place, and to bring supremely effective, reliable, and safe plant medicine that elevates Arizona experiences — from chimichangas to Eegee’s — to new highs.

      Arizona x GO

      Grand Canyon Greenway Trail

      Pep your steps on the Grand Canyon Greenway Trail with Go, formulated to kick-start and to keep the motor running with none of the jitters. Pop a Drop and bring your best friend — dogs are welcome on the Greenway.

      Arizona x GENIUS

      Phoenix Art Museum

      Immerse yourself at @phxart and wax poetic with lucidity and cognitive calm via Genius, the first cannabis edible developed specifically to enhance focus. What better way to embody the art of looking at art?

      Arizona x BLISS

      Afternoon at Desert Botanical Garden

      Desert botanicals, rare cacti, and 100% total euphoria. Take Bliss and visit @dbhphx to experience earth’s finest marvels through bliss-tinted glasses.

      Arizona x LOVE

      A night at Arcosanti

      Arcosanti is a legendary utopia and the world’s first arcology prototype — aka, architecture that’s the antithesis of urban sprawl. It’s a wonder to behold, made even more spectacular at night with Love, which heightens all your senses in the best ways possible.

      Arizona x CHILL (Coming to AZ in 2022)

      Sunset at Saguaro National Park

      The Saguaro Desert’s got the best sunsets in the whole history of such things. It’s named after the giant saguaro, a rare and animated cactus who makes its protected home there. See both with Chill, guaranteed to amplify the magic in the sky.

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