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      Great to see you, Michigan.

      The fastest edibles, now launching in Michigan

      When we started our company in 2017, we knew we were on to something big. We knew that cannabis has numerous positive effects on health and happiness, but we wanted to make it fit your life, needs, and your pockets. So we rolled up our sleeves, got to work, researched, tested, and tested again. Finally, we knew we had it. We created easy-to-swallow drops that combine moderately dosed cannabis with medicinal plants to boost every area of your life. From the minute you wake up to the moment your headlands back on the pillow, we created a way to live your day to its fullest: 1906 Drops.

      Why “1906”? Well, that’s a good question. We chose this name because that was the last year in America that cannabis was widely accepted as a beneficial medicine. The Wiley Act was enacted the following year, beginning nearly a century of misguided and devastating cannabis prohibition. 

      Our goal has always been clear: 1906 would make cannabis an accessible, life-changing medicine again. From the beginning, we knew the promise, power, and possibilities of our plant-powered tool kit. These days, health and wellness are more important than ever. The benefits of cannabis paired with medicinal plants were the way forward. After launching to great fanfare in Colorado, we moved on to Oklahoma, Illinois, and Massachusetts

      Now we’re happy to say hello to Michigan. The 1906 “toolkit for living” is finally available in this beautiful state. Michigan became the 13th state to legalize marijuana in 2008 for medicinal purposes, and licensed sales for recreational use started in 2019. It’s been a long journey, but here we are, putting all the power of plants right in your pocket. 

      These swallowable drops can help you become a highly functional being, as we like to say. 1906 combines plant medicines like damiana, magnolia, bacopa, and stephania with low doses of pharma grade THC and CBD to balance out your life. This combination is how we ensure each experience is distinct and always consistent. So whether that’s doing your workout (not just thinking about putting on those leggings or shorts), alleviating the jitters before your big online presentation, finding out how much you do like your partner. Once you choose your “drop,” it only takes a quick 20 minutes to take effect.

      1906 Drops have zero calories and are free of allergens. They’re also incredibly portable. The small packets, canisters, and tube tins easily pop into your bag or pocket. The tins and canisters can head to the recycle bin while you head out into the world as not just you, but the “better” you.

      So, where do you get energy, focus, happiness, arousal, relaxation, and sleep? We’re working with local dispensaries to provide those for you. We’re committed to offering detailed information and facts to new consumers and discounts to important communities, including veterans and seniors, who may particularly benefit from cannabis’ unique properties for natural healing. While adult-use purchasers are not tracked for demographic data, studies indicate that cannabis use by seniors has risen over the past several years. This may take some time to be where you want us to be. But we’re pleased we made it to Michigan and look forward to meeting you. Because we know when you have 1906 on our side, you can finally take on life, not just live it. 

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