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      Are you ready for a whole new state of mind? 1906 Drops are now available in Illinois!

      1906 began in Colorado with a clear mission: to restore cannabis as widespread, accessible, life-changing medicine. From the beginning, we aimed to share the promise, power, and possibility of our plant-powered tool kit for true health and wellness with as many people as possible.

      Earlier this year, 1906 expanded into Oklahoma where we’ve been thrilled by the response to our innovative, convenient, and discrete form factor, 1906 Drops. These swallowable pills, free of calories, gluten, and allergens, target specific life needs (Chill to soothe anxiety, Bliss to improve mood, Genius for enhanced focus, Go to boost energy and Love to raise libido).

      “The incredibly positive response in Oklahoma – a booming but extremely different cannabis marketplace than Colorado – has only strengthened our commitment to make this essential medicine available in additional states,” says 1906 founder and CEO Peter Barsoom, “I’m so excited to bring 1906 products to Illinois.”

      In 2020, its first year of full legalization, the total Illinois market could reach $1 billion in total sales. Over the first 11 months of this year, the medical cannabis sales topped $331 million, compared to around $250 million for all of 2019.

      Medical patient registration continues to grow as well. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, medical patient registration has so far jumped more than 48 percent since last January, to a total of nearly 146,000.

      The ongoing global pandemic has proven that cannabis is essential medicine for millions of patients and consumers around the country. People are looking for alternatives to alcohol and pharma to help manage daily life and we see more of them choosing a healthier alternative to smokables. Consumers also appreciate that the 1906 product family boasts the fastest onset time for edibles; the benefits take effect within 20 minutes.

      According to a Harris Poll conducted in October, adults are increasingly preferring cannabis over alcohol, with 45 percent saying they have reduced or replaced their alcohol consumption with cannabis. The top three reasons: to reduce stress and anxiety, to relax, and to help them sleep. Parents of young children were even more likely to consume cannabis for primary medical uses.

      Where’s 1906 headed next? Stay tuned for more expansion news in early 2021!

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