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      The reason may be simple: the high makes them like exercising more!

      Feeling unmotivated to exercise? Consider giving 1906 Go a try before heading out for your next run or adventure.

      A new study published in Frontiers in Public Health found that many cannabis users exercised more per week than non-users.

      The reason may be simple: the high makes them like exercising more! About 70 percent of people who used cannabis in the hours before or after a workout said that they enjoyed their workouts more, and nearly 80 percent felt like it helped their recovery. More than half believed that the good feelings they get from cannabis motivated them to be more physically active.

      “Our concern going in was that cannabis use would be detrimental to physical activity,” says Angela Bryan, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder and senior author of the study. “Our evidence does not support that idea.”


      1906 Go Beans are the perfect way to put this research to your own personal test. Their optimal blend of plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis create an all-natural performance enhancer for brain and body. Go works by increasing blood flow to the brain and body in order to boost mental and physical energy and stamina.

      By combining two of the safest, most effective plant medicines in human history—caffeine and L-theanine (which is derived from green tea)—1906 Go mitigates the classic caffeine jitters and creates a clean burning, stable energy surge. The formula is boosted with Alpinia galangal—used for millennia as an effective stimulant with no crash—and theobromine to increase blood flow to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

      Of course, use Go at the recommended dose only. Each bean contains about half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine. Too much can make you feel very sick.

      Back in 2017, in an article for Mic, a writer gave 1906 Go a try to discover if marijuana could help him exercise. Here’s some of what he had to say:

      “At 5 miles, I still felt great, and at 5.5 miles, feeling both euphoric and invincible, I wondered if I was experiencing that fabled ‘runner’s high’ for the very first time. I wound up running more than 6 miles total; no big deal for a seasoned marathoner, but farther than I’d ever run myself. My running app confirmed the small personal record. And despite the well-known ‘munchies’ effect of marijuana, I decided to skip my secret post-run indulgence—a pepperoni slice and a beer at a downtown pizza bar.

      There was no question about it: ‘Go’ kept me going.”

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