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      How to Have Yourself the Happiest Holidays

      It’s the gifting time of year, when we’re all making lists and checking them twice, trying to find the perfect something for each special someone. But do you know what 99.9% of humans actually want? They want to feel great. And cannabis is amazing at doing just that — making people feel wonderful. Add in some carefully chosen, targeted plant medicines and you’ve got a surefire way to deliver a happy holiday to everyone on your list.

      Whatever and however you choose to celebrate, recharge, and reflect as we move into 2022, 1906 can help make all your life stuff better.

      Some fantastic 1906 staffers shared suggestions on who they’re gifting 1906 to. And here’s a tip for procrastinators…the 12 Days of Christmas last until January 5. 

      Gina Gault, Field Marketing and Community Outreach: I’m gifting Bliss to my nanny this year so she can enjoy all the additional time with our littles in the best mindset and vibe possible! 

      Cristin Furman, Field and Sales Operating Manager: I’m giving Chill and Bliss to my entire family because we all deserve to relax during this time of year – plus it’s finally going to be back in stock in Illinois!

      Gabriella Paz: Manufacturing and Development Scientist: I’m gifting Chill to my mom, aunt, and mawmaw because sometimes they just need a chill pill!

      Rich Magana, Field Marketing and Community Outreach: I’m gifting Love to my partner because love is always the best present!

      Becky Stojeba, Sales: I’m gifting Love to my grandma, she didn’t work in the lingerie dept at JCPenney 30 years for nothin’. 

      Chelsea Place, Marketing: I’m gifting Go Drops to my brother-in-law because he’s obsessed. And because he loves bike rides.

      Happy New Year!

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