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      A Friend in Weed is a friend indeed

      Sad but true: 4/20/2020 won’t be about epic parties and massive gatherings. But despite the COVID-19 crisis, you can still have a socially distant blast this holiday – and do some serious good during the occasion.

      Join 420Help and turn what’s traditionally a heavy consumption-oriented holiday into something that benefits all Coloradans.

      Friends in Weed, the coalition of cannabis brands that includes 1906, is asking the Colorado Cannabis Community to turn this year’s 4/20 into a four-day giving push to help Coloradans in need during the global pandemic.

      420Help challenges every cannabis consumer and fan to make a donation of $4.20 this 4/20 weekend (April 17-20), and asks cannabis businesses and coalitions to donate at least $420 or 4.2 percent of sales.

      Every dollar raised by Friends in Weed during this 4/20 weekend will go to Help Colorado Now, Governor Jared Polis’s Colorado COVID Relief Fund, which is providing millions of dollars in immediate aid to first responders, healthcare professionals, educators, and other crucial community service providers throughout the state.


      Founded on March 18 by four cannabis brands that wanted to help the community during the COVID-19 crisis, Friends in Weed is providing ongoing support to members of the cannabis and service industries. It’s part of a nationwide effort, recognized by Forbes magazine, of socially conscious cannabis companies giving back during the global pandemic.

      After less than a month, there are nearly a dozen cannabis businesses involved, and FIW has donated more than $34,000 in local restaurant gift cards to essential workers who are maintaining access to cannabis for the citizens of Colorado.

      Originally conceived as a business-to-business donation vehicle, Friends in Weed was struck by an outpouring of individuals asking how they could participate. To meet this growing need, Friends in Weed launched the four-day blitz (April 17-20) 420Help.

      After 4/20 weekend, cannabis fans and friends can still help by purchasing a t-shirt or making a donation to help the general Friends in Weed fund that supports the service industries.

      A Friend in Weed is a friend indeed.

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