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      “Does ‘Mmm’ count as a word?”

      That’s one of the answers we received to our Instagram query asking for favorite words to describe how 1906 Love makes you feel.

      Our consumers shared their extensive 1906 Love lexicon and came up with an array of titillating terms to describe the sensation of 1906 Love: thrilling, heightened, bubbly, alluring, snuggly, euphoric.

      One commenter wrote: “I feel like the lead star of a rom-com movie when the relationship is going great and nothing can stop them from being in love.” Watching Bridgerton much?

      While we’re thrilled to see all the sexy words (insatiable, stimulated, juicy!), it gives us a special glow to see that the most common descriptor is “connected.” Because that’s truly what we were seeking when we started the years of research and investigation that led us to Love: How could we help people feel more in touch with themselves and each other? How can we help to build human connections?

      As we all know, most sexual aids begin and end with giving men erections. But you don’t need to be a regular listener of Emily Morse (though you may want to be!) to know that getting into the emotional, mental, and physical space for great sex involves a complex system of issues that won’t be solved by tweaking a single body part.

      We decided it was time for something better. We considered almost 50 plant medicines to come up with our award-winning formula that addresses the obstables that get in the way of fabulous sex and sexual well-being. These include feeling out of your body and too much in your head, self-consciousness, tiredness, and not being in the mood in addition to erectile concerns.

      We whittled our research down to five key plant medicines that work together to elevate the natural THC and CBD in cannabis for a full mind- and body-blowing experience. To help people reconnect and feel more comfortable, we chose Damiana to decrease inhibition and Theobromine to increase blood flow. Theobromine also addresses fatigue, but uses a gentler touch than caffeine, so while it’s enough to keep you engaged for a nighttime romp, it doesn’t make it impossible to drift off afterward.

      Ashwagandha stokes the libido and reduces overall stress, getting everyone in the mood, and has been shown to improve intensity and duration of orgasms in women. Last but not least, Muira Puama and Catuaba, known as “the Viagra of the Amazon,” work to combat erectile concerns and increase vaginal sensitivity and lubrication.

      Altogether, we think 1906 Love is the best, most complete aphrodisiac ever invented…for all sorts of people. People who identify as women, men, trans, non-binary, post-menopausal, people with vaginal pain, people with erectile concerns, and people who want to experience sex in a more powerful and exciting way!

      We know our formula has transformed many lives because we get “Love letters” every single week from individuals and couples new and old (one told us that 1906 Love resulted in the best sex of their 50-year marriage)! Lesson learned: there’s always time to reconnect.

      Give LOVE a try.

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