How We Will Get Through the Covid-19 Crisis

Breathe. Sleep. Love. (Repeat)

That’s the mantra we’re using at 1906 as we face this unprecedented global moment.

Inspired by our three pillar products, 1906 Chill, 1906 Midnight, and 1906 Love, our internal mantra reminds us to keep calm, to recharge our batteries, and to take incredible care of ourselves and each other. (We are also consuming plenty of 1906 Chill, 1906 Midnight, and 1906 Love, of course).

It may feel like uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain right now.

But here is one thing we know: 1906 was founded with the mission to empower people with new tools they can use to take care of themselves.

So in this moment, we are heartened by the fact that we have something meaningful to contribute. We can measurably help with the extraordinary stress we are all feeling.

While this situation is changing day by day, here’s where we are now: 1906 is regularly engaging with our consumers and our dispensary partners. Our facility is fully operational and we are encouraging dispensaries and customers to use pre-order functions.

On the ground in Colorado, it’s clear that our citizens feel that cannabis serves a vital role in helping them cope with this challenging situation. We joined other industry groups and leaders in signing a letter asking Colorado Governor Jared Polis to keep cannabis facilities open during this pandemic, along with medical and adult use dispensaries, and to consider them essential services as many other states, including Washington, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, have done. In Michigan, in fact, an emergency order implmented on March 16 allows all licensed cannabis stores and medical dispensaries to deliver during this time.

Our first priority is keeping our staff and our community safe. We applaud Colorado dispensaries for taking proactive measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which have included offering individual shopping, practicing social distancing, additional cleaning and sanitizing, as well as pre-ordering and communicating with customers by text. We are spearheading several initiatives in dispensaries to support their staff during this difficult time.

As for our products, we have always upheld exceptional standards for food safety, far exceeding regulatory requirements. We are 100% confident that we have the safest product in the market. And now, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and work environment.

We are closely monitoring CDC and WHO advisories and have greatly increased how often we clean and disinfect all equipment, surfaces, restrooms, and other high-touch points of the facility.

There’s no denying that there are going to be some very tough times ahead. We do not know what the impact of this pandemic will be – on our business, on the global economy, and on the daily lives of everyone around the world.

We are grateful to have some very useful tools to get us through.

Breathe. Sleep. Love. (Repeat.)

Be well and take care,

Peter Barsoom, 1906 Founder and CEO, and the entire 1906 family