I Sampled My Way Through the Wild World of High-End Cannabis Products

The two major selling points of 1906’s drops and chocolates are that the dosages are small, and they start working within 20 minutes. At last, someone to give me my highs exactly the way I like them: fast-acting and barely perceptible. Like Canndescent, 1906 divides its product line-up by general feeling: Genius is for work, Midnight for sleeping, Love for lovin’. Each drop—they look like mints, but take it from me and do not chew them—contains 2.5 to 5mg of THC, perfect for the timid among us and a good start for everyone else. I took one chocolate-covered Go energy drop before a nice long run around my neighborhood recently, and I’ll be damned if the new Dua Lipa didn’t sound better than ever. Read more in Esquire.