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      1906 Drops mark a bold step forward for edible cannabis

      Natasha Chamberlin, 1906 Director of Product Development, explains. “The 1906 Drops line was created to bridge the gap between our signature innovative edible experience and the big pharma world. Consumers can toss our small Drops tins right into their pocket or purse and have access to our unique plant medicines at any point during their day. We wanted to create something that wasn’t just a special treat (like our chocolate line), but rather an everyday use product.”

      Available in six thoughtful formulations designed to aid energy, arousal, relaxation, sleep, focus, or a happy mood, these coated, easy-to-swallow, pressed tablets combine THC and CBD, plus super-effective adaptogens and herbs.

      Because not everyone wants or is able to eat chocolate every day, Drops can become a part of your everyday life, replacing or supplementing traditional pharmaceuticals and supplements people consume on a regular basis. We’ve already heard great feedback from people who appreciate that Drops are free of allergens, lactose, gluten, and calories.

      Like all 1906 low- and controlled-dose products, Drops activate in 20 minutes or less – making them the fastest-acting edibles on the market.

      Simply put, with the launch of Drops, medicinal marijuana has moved into the medicine cabinet, and we are inspired by the powerful stories we’re already hearing about their convenience, ease of use and discretion.

      “I think that’s what makes our Drops line so compelling – It’s not just about the THC or CBD, it’s about the full experience,” says Chamberlin. “My daily life can be better with Drops, they make me a better functioning individual. If I need motivation before I hit the gym I can take a Go drop. If I need to improve my focus then it’ll be a Genius drop.”

      It’s all part of the 1906 mission to help people make their lives better, more functional and more fun.

      “I think Drops make cannabis more accessible to anyone and everyone,” says Chamberlin. “That’s the beauty of 1906, we are doing something no one else has done, focusing on how THC and CBD can improve our quality of life. We’ve created lower dose concepts that allow you to feel the benefits of our plant medicines and function better than without these medicines.

      “The world is starting to look for alternatives to the typical focus aids, sleep inducers, and products that come with a whole slew of side effects. Drops are that product, we are ahead of the game, this is the future of cannabis and plant medicine.”

      Released in select Colorado markets late last year, the full 1906 Drops line is expanding to retail cannabis markets across the state over the next few months. Learn more about 1906 Drops.

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