After taking 1906 products from Colorado to Oklahoma and Illinois, they’re now available in Massachusetts, the historic birthplace of America and a nexus of innovation, intellect, and cultural/political progress.

“I’ve made my home in the Northeast all my life, so I’m excited to be able to offer the 1906 product line in my own backyard,” says Peter Barsoom, 1906 founder and CEO. “Cannabis consumers and decision makers across the Northeastern corner of the U.S. are entering a time of massive change for this industry and 1906 plans to be an important voice in the marketplace.”

1906 Drops provide Massachusetts consumers with a fast-acting toolkit to help them do all the life stuff better – these swallowable tablets have the speediest onset of any edibles anywhere. Powered by plant medicine, and designed to deliver targeted experiences, 1906 Drops are convenient, discreet, and perfect for heading to Fenway, hiking in the Berkshires, beaching it at the Cape…whatever you’re looking to do.

We’re launching in more than two dozen dispensaries this month with a special focus on our award-winning Love product – because whether or not you’re in a position to spend Valentine’s Day with other warm bodies, Love will open your heart and electrify your body.

Lena Shea, 1906 Account Manager in Mass., is confident that 1906 Drops will improve well-being across her home territory. “People are looking for products that fit into their life and enhance it – whether people are wanting better sleep or sex, more relaxation, focus or energy. There’s something for everyone in the 1906 experiences.”

Consumers will find 1906 products across the state, including the Canna Provisions locations. Their Lee dispensary, on the edge of the Berkshires is one of the closest dispensaries to New York state, while their Holyoke location has easy access to Connecticut as well as New York.


At 1906, we believe cannabis is the greatest medicine on earth – one that we want to make accessible, beneficial and fun to as many people as possible. But we also feel a responsibility to address the injustices of a society where some are permitted to run legal businesses and others are incarcerated for distributing cannabis.

We are pleased that the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission is working toward making the industry more equitable, with policies supporting companies owned by women, veterans, and minorities. And that the state government has approved measures to reinvest some cannabis tax revenue in communities most harmed by prohibition.

We’re delighted to form a retail partnership with the woman-owned Rebelle in Great Barrington, which has embedded equity into its operations. Rebelle founder Charlotte Hanna works with the nonprofit Roca to aid communities that have been hurt by the criminalization of cannabis. Rebelle has committed to hiring 75% of its workforce from disenfranchised populations, offering internships and jobs to young men and women impacted by cannabis prohibition; it also gives back some profits to the community.

“The cannabis industry innately has a responsibility to behave in an especially equitable manner, given that it is an industry emerging in defiance of existing policy that aims to punish,” Hanna told 1906 in an interview. “The damage that has been done across our country and the world due to unjust cannabis legislation is vast, especially when looking specifically at the heightened proportion of damage done to communities of color. Every person should have equal access to cannabis and to engage in this industry that we are so lucky to be a part of.”

At 1906, we also share Rebelle’s commitment to robust education for budtenders – which leads to well-informed consumers. As Hanna told us, “cannabis is an ever-changing industry where new skills and knowledge are acquired each day. With our continued effort to educate and spread factual information around cannabis, we believe we will see a more open and accepting clientele. We have already begun to see a shift in customers who are here for far more than their cannabis, they are here for an expansive conversation and to be part of this wonderful community.”

1906 can’t wait to be part of this community in the Northeast. So come visit one of our partner dispensaries in Massachusetts! We’ll let you know soon where we’re turning up next.

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