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      Is today going to be a Bliss Day or Chill Day? Well, that depends on what’s on your calendar and how you want to approach the day. The best guide is your knowledge of what 1906 Drops can do for you. 

      But ingredients can be confusing. If the name doesn’t sound like a science project, will it work? So how do you find out more about the ingredients in our drops? You just click on them. That’s because we’ve partnered with ClearForMe, an innovative technology that shows you every ingredient in 1906 drops and gives you a clear, thorough description of how each one works. Just click on the drop of your choice on any page of our site, and the information is right at your fingertips. With ClearForMe, the information shows up in real-time, so it’s always up-to-date. If we change an ingredient, the change will show up immediately in our product description. You’ll always have the latest facts anytime you want to do an ingredient search. Our founders are excited to partner with ClearForMe: “Education ofconsumers is a core value of 1906. This feature now provides even greater transparency for consumers to understand better how 1906 works with cannabis and plant medicines in order to create the best cannabis experience.”

      ClearForMe was created by Sabrina Noorani. It all started by asking a simple question we’ve all thought about in drug store aisles and now dispensaries: “What’s in this product?” But it’s not enough to know what’s in the product. You also want to know what it does to get the expected results. ClearForMe provides “clickable ingredients” that are easier to understand because it also tells you how each ingredient works. It’s referred to as “ingredient definitions on demand” because it works in real-time to provide more information when you need it. The technology helps you navigate ingredient confusion, so now, when you’re trying to decide the correct 1906 drop for the right time to give you the effects you’re looking for, the answer is just a click away. With an ever-growing and evolving database of over 1.6 million ingredients, it standardizes the ingredient products based on their technical specifications. 

      ClearForMe also works fast. So if you’re getting psyched up for a work presentation but feel anxious while memorizing your notes, “Sceletium Tortuosum” in Bliss could be precisely what you need to get a round of applause after your last slide. Or perhaps you need to focus on organizing your files on your desktop for the umpteenth time today? You’re just a click away from discovering that Bacopa supports intelligence, cognitive performance, nervous system rejuvenation, and brain function. “See ya’, messy desktop.” With Bacopa, you’ve got just what you need to keep your brain going. And let’s say you’re not quite ready to fluff up your pillow to get a good night’s sleep. You’ll find every ingredient in 1906 drops on our site just by clicking on them, so you can learn more about each one and know what it does for you. 

      The technology is not only beneficial but also user-friendly. There’sno more looking up each ingredient to find out if it’s right for you. ClearForMe gives you the factual information needed to make informed and confident decisions at your fingertips. The 1906 team believes we’ve found the perfect partner in ClearForMe. ClearForMe is the ingredient of education and transparency that’s as important to us as it is to you. It’s an unbiased, non-judgemental resource that helps you make smart, informed choices. The more knowledge you have about a product, the more confidence you have knowing the product will work for you. It all comes down to helping you do all the life stuff better, and now we’ve made that even easier.

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