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      Oklahoma is one of the fastest-growing cannabis markets in the country

      We’re thrilled to announce that 1906 is now available in OklahomaPeter Barsoom, 1906 founder, calls Oklahoma “one of the most exciting markets in the country,” and says that he’s delighted to bring 1906’s pharma-grade, plant-powered medicine in pill format to the state.

      “We founded 1906 with the mission to share the incredible healing possibilities of high-grade cannabis and herbal supplements,” says Barsoom. “After our fantastic success in Colorado, we can’t wait to introduce 1906 to more parts of America.”

      Oklahoma is one of the fastest-growing cannabis markets in the country. Through June, Oklahomans had spent more $300 million on cannabis, nearly the amount they’d spent in all of 2019, exceeding the adult-use markets of Illinois and Massachusetts. The state demonstrates the decisive shift in national opinion around cannabis legalization; since opening up a medical use market in 2018, Oklahoma has seen one in 10 adults receive a medical card.

      In the state, 1906 is working with Stash House and 24k Labs, which provide a highly sophisticated sales and distribution platform, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, ensuring reliable, best-quality, and consistent products.

      In the Sooner state, 1906 will launch with Drops, our innovative, moderately dosed tablets (swallowable pills) that target specific life needs (Chill to soothe anxiety, Bliss to improve mood, Genius for enhanced focus, Go to boost energy and Love to raise libido). 1906 Drops are free of calories, gluten, and allergens, and bring a convenient and discreet form factor to Oklahoma’s medical-use market.

      Unlike many states, Oklahoma puts no limits on the conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation, so patients and their health care providers enjoy full independence to determine which treatments offer the best fit for their individual needs. Moreover, the purchase quantity is unlimited, giving additional control to consumers over their own healthcare.

      The state could soon serve even more consumers as Oklahoma lawmakers are expected to consider expanding access to out-of-state patients in an upcoming session, through legislation that would allow for temporary licenses.

      “There are millions of people within driving distance of Oklahoma who need and want access to this important plant medicine,” Barsoom says. “I’m hopeful that over the next year, folks from Texas, Kansas, and other nearby states will be able to go to Oklahoma, and shop in its dispensaries. This will allow more Americans to feel better as well as bring more dollars and more jobs to Oklahoma.”

      Learn more about 1906 in the Sooner state from our Oklahoma-based Account Coordinator Rich Magaña.

      Why do you think 1906 Drops are a great fit for Oklahoma?
      **Magaña: **Oklahoma is one of the largest and fastest-growing medical cannabis markets in the country. And with 1906 Drops, Oklahoma patients will finally have their medicine available in a truly medicinal format – pills that are fast-acting, easy to swallow, discreet, zero-calorie and allergen-free. And with a product lineup of six different experiences, 1906 Drops address the most common needs of patients.

      How do you expect the cannabis market to continue to grow in Oklahoma?COVID has shown that cannabis is essential medicine for millions of patients and consumers around the country. People are looking for alternatives to alcohol and pharma to help manage daily life and with the introduction of 1906 Drops, we expect more patients to choose a healthier alternative to smokables.

      What’s the number one thing you want Oklahomans to know about 1906?Oklahoma patients no longer have to wait 60 to 90 minutes for their edibles to kick in. They can “Feel it Sooner” with 1906 Drops, with the benefits taking effect within 20 minutes.

      Find 1906 in Oklahoma _[here]( Over the next few months, 1906 will continue its cross-country expansion. Customers in Maryland and Massachusetts can expect to see 1906 in medicinal cannabis markets soon._

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