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      We’d love to see you wear your cannabis love proudly

      Has there ever been two months like this before? Seriously! We’re all charting unknown territory, but we’re thrilled about the way the cannabis community has come together to support each other and the restaurant industry through Friends in Weed.

      We’ve raised nearly $60,000 in local restaurant gift cards that are being donated to Colorado dispensary personnel who are working so hard to provide consumers with what they need to get through this pandemic. Thank you so much for your support of local restaurants and budtenders, those who feed not just our stomach but our souls, and those whose everyday work ensures continued access to this essential plant.

      For the 4/20 Holiday, we launched a separate donation drive, 420Help, which raised thousands for the State of Colorado’s COVID Relief Fund. These donations all went straight to the state fund, which provides aid to first responders, healthcare professionals, educators, and other crucial community services. We missed the parties, music and great food of the past 4/20s, but we felt a contact high as hundreds of people and businesses stood “shoulder to shoulder” in a new way.

      Read all about these efforts in coverage from local and national press, including ABCCBSForbesWineForceBrands and many more media outlets.


      You can get your own Friends in Weed T-shirt! With every donation of $20 or more, you will receive a custom “I’ve Got Friends In Weed” T-shirt! And 100% of proceeds go to local Colorado restaurants and frontline heroes working hard through the COVID-19 crisis.

      We’d love to see you wear your cannabis love proudly – click here to get your shirt, then take a selfie and tag #FIW and @1906newhighs.

      And remind the world that a Friend in Weed is a friend indeed.

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