What’s the secret to award-winning sex?

Love, that’s what! We’re thrilled to announce that 1906 Love scored a Cosmo Sexcellence Award, a new stamp of approval given to the best sex toys, products, services, and change makers that blew reviewers’ minds. Insider tip: 1906 Love works equally well for any and all genders at delivering mind-blowing sex.

As Cosmo gushes, “Weed is truly having a moment in the sexual-wellness world.” We knew all along that our precisely calibrated combo of Blue Dream cannabis and five super-sensual botanicals would make the best luxury edible for getting you spectacularly in the mood.

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1906 Love is in the middle of an incredible season of press for the high-end edible, including mentions in Forbes, Brides, Rolling Stone, and more.

Try it yourself here.