“Bliss cups make me talkative and social and fill me with such inner peace, I can literally find joy in any activity.”


Peanut butter cups for happiness

5mg THC / 5 mg CBD per cup

BLISS is a euphoric blend of plant medicines and cannabis that promote a bubbly sense of happiness and wellbeing. We’ve carefully designed an optimal blend of plants to create a calm, positive mood, plus a nice energy lift that makes you want to share your amazing mood with the whole world. For thousands of years, cultures all over the globe have used natural mood enhancers, and for the last two decades, modern science has endeavored to improve mood through problematic pharmaceuticals. But Bliss is all-natural with no side effects and no prescription necessary. You can take it when you need it, and leave it when you don’t. Bliss is formulated from one of the greatest happy drugs known to man: Kanna, also known as sceletium. Kanna works great alone but it also enhances the effects of cannabis, and we’ve added three other herbs for energy and positive outlook.

So who needs Bliss? Bliss is perfect for anytime you want to redecorate your head. It’s a great antidote for social anxiety, lack of motivation, depressive funks, rainy days, or tax season dread. It’s a fun addition to a sunny day where the sky is the limit, and is a great way to spark a spontaneous party, even if that party is in your own closet. Bliss is very, very delicious (we took months to perfect the peanut butter, because we have superhuman Bliss-fueled patience) so you may feel the urge to eat a lot of them. But remember that less is more. Within about 20 minutes of taking Bliss, you will feel a mood lift and a pleasant swell of chatty, positive energy. The rest is up to you.


Theobromine is a very effective heart stimulant and vasodilator, lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow to the brain and body, which allows you to work at a much higher intensity.


Kanna is found in South Africa and has been used for centuries to elevate mood, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase energy. It is also known to enhance the euphoric effects of cannabis.


This is a powerful Traditional Chinese Medicine anti-anxiety herb that acts upon the GABA receptor in a similar fashion to Valium. Magnolia activates certain cannabinoid (CB) receptors, making it especially effective in combination with THC and CBD. It reduces tension and anxiety and improves adaptation to stress via the endocrine system.


This is an amino acid derived from green tea, and it stimulates the brain’s alpha waves to provide a calming and serene experience..