“...I feel a blanket of relaxation drop over instant freedom from the day’s stress and anxieties.”


Dark milk chocolates for relaxation

5mg THC / 5 MG CBD per gem

CHILL is 1906’s ultimate mellow-out cocktail, the perfect mix of single strain THC and a high dose of CBD. It’s formulated with a thoughtful ratio of 5mg THC to 25mg of CBD, plus two stress-reducing plant medicines known for their relaxing properties. Its key ingredients include Magnolia, which has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a calming effect, and L-theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea, which stimulates the brain’s alpha waves to promote serenity.

A substantial dose of CBD helps calm muscles, diminish inflammation, and reduce tension. Just one does of Chill lets you feel the day’s stress dissipate and settle into super-restorative down time. Great for after an intense workout, for unwinding tense and stiff bodies, soothing anxiety sufferers, erasing rough workdays, replacing the evening cocktail, and tossing out the Xanax. Like all 1906 products, Chill is socially-dosed with 5MG THC, so you can still continue to be productive while effectively shedding the ick of the day.


A powerful traditional Chinese anti-anxiety herb, Magnolia acts upon the GABA receptor in a similar fashion to Valium. Magnolia activates certain cannabinoid (CB) receptors, making it especially effective in combination with THC and CBD. Reduces tension and anxiety and improves adaptation to stress via the endocrine system.


An herb used in Ayurvedicmedicine to boost libido andfertility in both men and women by reducing stressand lowering cortisol.