“I quickly drifted off to sleep in minutes, much less than 15. For someone with occasional insomnia, midnight definitely helped.”


Dark milk chocolate for sleep

5 mg THC / 5 MG CBD per gem

Midnight is an all-natural sleep aid. It is 1906’s best-selling product, and there is good reason: it really works. It’s become legendary among cannabis industry professionals as the best sleep aid on the market, both in dispensaries and mainstream pharmacies. Midnight is a highly targeted blend of sleep-inducing plant medicines and relaxing cannabis that promotes deeper and more restful sleep. The best part is that it’s non-habit forming and does not have the drowsy hangover effects of other sleep aids. We put exhaustive research and refinement into this formulation, because sleep issues are one of the most prevalent health problems facing Americans, and frankly, we felt that the options widely available were just not good enough.

Midnight’s key ingredient Corydalis, has been used for millennia, and works in several crucial ways. It helps you fall asleep because of its sedative properties, and it helps you stay asleep because it targets body pain and tension, including acute, inflammatory, and neuropathic pain. We receive letters every week from people who have had their lives transformed by Midnight. If you suffer from insomnia, please have faith, and give this a try. When taking Midnight, it’s very important to be READY FOR BED. Within 15 minutes, you will feel the effects. Take no more than two chocolates (please start with just one), relax, and let Midnight gently carry you into dreamland.


Midnight’s primary active herbal ingredient, Corydalis, has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It gives an improved ability to fall asleep, with no hangover symptoms such as morning grogginess, dizziness or vertigo. Corydalis also relieves all three types of pain—acute, inflammatory, and neuropathic (or chronic) pain, helping your body to deeply relax.